Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bridal Flower Hand...Musim Bunga Tangan Pengantin...


This time I would like share about new trend in our wedding which is bridal flowers hand...(bunga tangan pengantin perempuan yg kiut miut tuuuu). Normally the theme for flowers hand is vary; depends on the wedding theme.  Types of flower that bride can choose either artificial or fresh flower. Some of flowers hand can be mix by both of flower; artificial and fresh flower (cun juga sebenarnyerrrr tau).

This is some of hand bridal flowers that we offer to our future brides!

 Note: Ni bunga tangan guna bunga segar...OK. Bukan plastik

Note:  Yang ni baru bunga tangan guna bunga tiruan.

Interested with this kind of flowers hand?
Just drop an email to me at
or call me at 019 910 2549 (aida).
Price start from RM80 (may differ depens on types of flower).

Lots of love...aida


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